This course will help you to better understand how your dog thinks and feels during training and beyond.

Video Content includes:

  • Introduction
  • Rewards
  • Punishments
  • Timing
  • Capturing & Luring
  • Using Markers & More!


Learn how to choose the best reward for the task at hand. I also cover how to "fade" the reward so you don't have to have treats in the future.


Learn how punishment affects your dog and how to avoid using it.

Capturing & Luring

Learn what these training terms mean and how to use them to change behaviors with your pup.

Let's Get Started!

From Student Kayla S.

We started using the FearLess Pet training tools for our older dog a while back and LOVED it! Once we got our puppy, we knew we needed to step up our training game for both of the dogs. We were so excited when the Perfectly Puppy Training came out! It was exactly what we needed to start early with basic manners in a way that ensured we were successful! The positive reinforcement approach to training makes it fun to "work" for both the dogs and the humans in our house, and being able to watch the training videos while we work makes it even easier to make sure we are doing it the right way! The videos are easy to follow, and make it easy to get good quality, professional service, even when it's not possible to get to a trainer in person. We would (and do!) highly recommend FearLess Pet training to anyone who wants to build a better relationship with their pup!

All of Our Harnesses Are:

Designed with safety first! We've added extra adjusters at the neck so your dog cannot slip out and both a front and back clip for your leash - to help with pulling (use the front).

Our Patented Safe Cinch Collar

Designed to keep your pup safe and looking great during walks, training and all of life's adventures!